We are the 4 primary authors of this work:

Jarrod Knibbe

I'm a lecturer at the University of Melbourne. I have a special interest in Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Much of my prior work has explored how to make multi-electrode setups 'work', especially by trying to solve the associated calibration problems. See, for example, the below papers:

Graeme Gange and Jarrod Knibbe, Optimising Automatic Calibration of Electric Muscle Stimulation, AAAI 2021 (final version to appear soon)

Jarrod Knibbe, Paul Strohmeier, Sebastian Boring, and Kasper Hornbaek, Automatic Calibration of High-density Electric Muscle Stimulation, in IMWUT 2017.

Henning Pohl, Kasper Hornbaek, and Jarrod Knibbe, Wanding Through Space: Interactive Calibration for Electric Muscle Stimulation, in AH 2018.

Rachel Freire

I run my own studio, Freire Studios, in London, UK. While much of my interest has been in fashion and costume design, I have always been especially interested in electronic textiles and how to incorporate electronics into my art. I have collaborated with Paul, and increasingly Jarrod, extensively. For example, at TEI a couple of years ago, we ran a 3D tailoring workshop.

(Jarrod wrote that too :-P.)

Rachel has also collaborated with Imogen Heap and worked on a plethora of films, including Dune and Guardians of the Galaxy

Marion Koelle

I’m a post-doctoral researcher at Saarland Informatics Campus. My research is primarily around how we use technology in social context. I am mostly fascinated by wearables and on-body interfaces, because from a social perspective they are both private (e.g., intimate) and public (e.g. visible to others), which creates an interesting tension. In the past years I have published several papers on social acceptability (which you should check out!). A good starting point is our overview paper: Social Acceptability in HCI: A Survey of Methods, Measures, and Design Strategies . In CHI 2020.

Check out some of my other work on my website

Paul Strohmeier

I build wearables and haptics and stuff. Everyone should read my PhD thesis: Shaping Material Experiences: Designing Vibrotactile Feedback for Active Perception. (Jarrod wrote this - seriously, though, worth a read.)

Realistically, however, this work has been many years in the making and has also involved numerous other collaborators. Special thanks to: Kasper Hornbaek, Elliott Wilson, Sam Trolland, Jaehyun Shin, Melanie Huang, and Gerard Mason.