Based on the literature we identified a number of different focuses used when discussing wearability. These included Technology, Sensorimotor Systems, Human Abilities, and Social perspectives. Through our own practice we also identified Deployability, Manufacturing, and Customization as features of wearability we care about. In our paper and our presentation we analyze our work according to these criteria. In the image below Human Abilities are placed away from the others as these criteria do not apply to our own work.

In the table below, we highlight the kinds of questions that each criteria are asking. "New" perspectives that we propose are marked with an asterisk (*).

Wearability Focus Design Criteria Associated Questions
Technology Function Where should an antenna be placed so that it is not shielded by the body? How can skin contact of an EMG electrode be ensured?
Information Where should an accelerometer be placed to collect the most information? What is the ideal location for measuring blood oxygen levels?
Sensorimotor Psychophysical How much attention does the device demand when worn? Does it start irritating the user after prolonged use?
Biomechanical Does the device inhibit the range of motion of the user? Can the user reach the device?
Human Abilities Perception Does the device provide output which the user can interpret?
Reaction Time How well can the user react to information provided by the device?
Input Performance How well can users provide explicit information to the device?
Social Aesthetics Does the device look visually appealing? Can the device adapt to different stylistic preferences?
Acceptability Does the device draw unwanted attention? What are the effects on the wearer’s social image? What is the effect of the device on interactions with other people?
* Deployability Applying and Removing Can it be put on and removed with reasonable effort?
Prolonged Use Can it be washed? Can it used multiple times?
* Manufacturing Wearability Does the method support the other wearability considerations?
Multi-Scale Can the method be used both for batch-production as well as creating bespoke garments?
* Customization Function Should the device do many things, or fewer things especially well?
Form Should the device fit one person perfectly, or should it be used by any person, no matter what body size?